Government Bureaucrat


Germain of Blue Sector 2 is a 35 year old resident of the Cityship. He is of standard height for a Cityship resident, being about 6 feet tall. He has a lanky appearance of someone born in space, hawkish facial features and large hands with long slender fingers. His dark red-brown hair is always neat and parted. He has the look of someone that is fit enough to walk from one end of the ship to the other, but has difficulty moving furniture from one room to another. Germain always wears clothing best suited to the occasion, but nothing that would stand out. He always seems to blend in with the people of Blue Sector. When he is thinking or talking with people he seems to hunch his shoulders and crane his neck; his face carries a look of fret or consideration. When talking about something he knows about an air of authority exudes from him which will catch your attention… or possibly annoy you. From behind a desk or doing his job he looks the most comfortable when: pouring over data, answering vids, and directing the bureaucratic machine, to do his bidding or that of the Blue Section Minister.


A government official who toed the government line until he discovered gov’t corruption and attempted to report it. He has been demoted to be kept out of the loop.

Issue: Control: things should be the way that he wants.


ID: Identity Delta GMHumongeloid