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An ancient city ship

In the future, The Republic controls giant city ships that are home to the human population of the Zeta System. Four individuals struggle to uphold altruistic values while discovering the deep corruption of the ruling regime.

The general population is caught between complacency and fear – a fear that saturates every aspect of life. The characters find themselves in the complicated situation of being employed by the Republic to do its dirty work. A glimmer of hope is found in Identity Delta – a mythical figure who represents freedom and the ability to live where when and how you choose. If only Identity Delta was real…

Theme: The oppressive republic controls the population by fear. They control secret agents whose eyes can be anywhere and everywhere.

The characters come together and witness the return of ID.

Ianus – Owner/Operator of the Indigo Dawn
Sol(omon) – Mudder
Dextra – Green Field Op
Germain – Government Bureaucrat

Home Page

ID: Identity Delta LouMachado